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According to Death Battle... by Pikazilla1956
According to Death Battle...
None of these images are by me btw, so don't sue. I'm not making a profit off this anyways.

Death Battle has some very accurate battles, but some battles are sure to piss people off, me included.

Safe to say Peach vs Zelda was the most hated match ever and I find it the only inaccurate conclusion made. So many issues, that if I rage about it then i would be wasting hours on it.

Scorpion vs Ryu, I thought it was a bit unfair for Scorpion to have no transformations when Ryu had, but the conclusion that Scorpion is immortal didn't make much sense. I think Scorpion is a more lethal fighter, but being immortal? Seems kind of off.

Who didn't rage over Kirby's victory? Granted that Throw Kirby and Cook Kirby do throw people into a blackhole/the sun according to the anime and the kirby games do depict him as being Superman OP and being that strong may lead to the conclusion that Kirby can survive the candy-beam and absorption techniques like Vegito did: but it's freakin' Kirby. I agree with the outcome, but to see something this adorable win against a galactic destroyer of worlds is still mind blowing. I guess Kirby has more pink.

Finally: Gaara vs Toph. I hate this episode because of the fan reactions. Like Goku vs Superman, anime fans make the most BS excuses for why their character is godlike while their opponent is a pussy. Someone compared Toph vs Gaara as 'an ant fighting Galactus'. But the best way to view any fight is to oversimplify the conclusion and see if it makes sense.
* Deadpool is immortal and unpredictable, allowing him to endure the match longer
* Godzilla is normally depicted as a juggernaut, while Gamera has clear limits
* Sonic is a supersonic speedster, Mario has few default abilities to begin with
** So in this fight: Gaara's power and mass of sand meant nothing if Toph could manipulate the earth more effectively (again, not in terms of power but in terms of what they can do with it). It makes sense; Batman beat Cap because he was more versatile, so did Tails with Luigi, so did Link with Cloud.


United States
Attention all deviart users. I wish for you guys to help me with something. The admins of the website TvTropes has blocked my account. On August 1 I will send links to voice your support to bring me back. Mention your support in the comments below. Remember, only do this on August 1st. Also this is not an attack on TvTropes but a plea. Hopefully they will listen to the online community more than an individual. Say something to the extent of 'Pikazilla was unjustly blocked and I support bringing him back'.

If this is successful, i may continue producing for deviantart again: but only if this is a success.
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